Participant-Level Fiduciary Services

Employee Education

Our goal is to help all employees make informed decisions regarding their 401(k) participation, deferral amount, investment selections and options to choose from. We understand that no two investors are alike and therefore there is no single approach, tool, or resource that would enable us to accomplish this goal.

Instead, we offer a highly customized service utilizing a variety of approaches that will accommodate a wide-range of participant behavioral patterns, needs, and interests in order to make sure every participant gets the education they need.

We believe the best way to accomplish this is through a proactive approach. We don’t wait for participants to find us — we actively reach out to them, using a combination of small and/or large group presentations, video presentations, webinars, email campaigns, online tutorials.

Personal Investment Advisory Services

Acting in a fiduciary capacity, we meet one-on-one with each participant to understand their current financial situation in order to help them: Determine the deferral rate that works best for them; Help them decide on an investor risk profile most suited to their particular situation;  And help them determine the asset allocation and individual investments most appropriate for them.